World Economic Help Organization (WEHO) provides financial help for businesses, commercial real estate developments, manufacturing, and other ventures at early stages.

How we help?

Typically early stage is the most risky part of a project. It is extremely hard for entrepreneurs to find initial funds to get their projects off the ground. Institutional investors and banks have very strict conditions that cannot be satisfied by projects at early stages. Private investors could tolerate higher risk. However, they are trying to reduce the risk of investments at early stage by conducting extensive due-diligence process. The process usually takes a long time, effort, and good chunk of money. At the end, it is still not guarantee safety for investments and project could never fly. 

WEHO provides guarantees and insurances for investors who intend to put money to projects at early stages.

What we do?

WEHO analyses proposal for a new project, identifies potential investors who would provide initial funds, and setup appropriate guarantees and insurances for each specific investment and type of projects. After equity investment is provided, WEHO could arrange additional debt financing. This approach allows entrepreneurs to get up to 90% of total required funds at very reasonable cost. Investors have piece of mind and feel much more comfortable to put money into projects.